Reliance Industries Limited and Chaitanya Charitable Trust on Project Gift

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Reliance Industries Limited and Chaitanya Charitable Trust on Project Gift

Chaitanya Charitable Trust has over the years partnered with Reliance Industries Limited’s employee voluntary charity initiative Project Gift.

Project Gift was launched on 80th Birth Anniversary Reliance’s Founder Chairman Shri Dhirubhai H. Ambani, in which on humanitarian gesture HIV/AIDS afflicted child is adopted by an employee. With this sponsorship a child is provided with an access to Education, Supplementary nutrition, Health care and Emotional assistance. Other activities under the project includes

  • Nutritional kits distribution
  • Library books & Toys distribution
  • Distribution of Tuition fees & Transportation expenses
  • Refreshment for kids & escorts
  • Emotional support by Counseling on psychosocial issues by adoptive parents
  • Skill building / Developmental sessions like yoga / Indoor games
  • Educational assistance
  • Celebrations of Birth days / Festivals
  • Entertainment shows like Puppet show, Magic show

Through our combined efforts 100 children have today been adopted for sponsorship and their lives have a new meaning.

Here is a success story among many others!

(Note: Names have not been disclosed due to confidentiality reasons)

My father was the first one to pass away in Feb 2007. He had been sick for quite some time, and we had to sell off our farm & cattle to pay his hospital bills & funeral expenses. After he succumbed to this strange, unnamed disease, my mother started suffering from the same symptoms that had attacked my father. She paid frequent visits to quacks to try and find a solution, but this was in vain. In Nov 2007 – my siblings and I became orphan. HIV/AIDS is not an open topic for discussion in my village in 2007-08 but, after discussions with neighbors and distant relatives, it became clear to me that this is what my parents had succumbed to. We were left with nothing but a dark future & we too inherited AIDS.

I was the eldest of a family of three. The two youngest children could go to school (courtesy of a Gujarat government free schooling). There were no breadwinners in the family, no one to take care of us. We had no shelter, no food. I could earn tiny income as domestic help, not enough for our basic needs. With no one to share our sorrows with, we soon realized how difficult life could be as an AIDS orphan.

I lost hope. We had nobody to talk to or to play with. In an attempt to avoid the stigma of the disease, I wanted to die. I thought my life was a hopeless. One fine day field worker from Project Gift paid visit to our house & assured us of care & sup-port. They brought us to Reliance Antiretroviral Centre, Motikhavdi. There we received free medicines, investigations & nutritional kit. That time there was no govt. hospital that was providing free anti-retroviral therapy to the patients in Saurashtra. Counselors helped us deal with the psychosocial stress. We learned there were people who cared for us. When we came out of the centre, we were changed to a confidant human being & not just an AIDS sufferer.

My life changed

“Through Project Gift, we have been able to get good care and support, Thanks for making difference in our lives.”

“For sure my parents would be happy in their graves.” she ends her success story, hugging her 9 year old brother.

With her siblings now excelling in school, and her health restored by the powerful anti-retroviral medications, she has dreams for the future. During her last visit, we witnessed all the courage and confidence in her. Where once she hid her HIV status, she is now the active member of a support group that encourages others with HIV. Indeed, everything has to come to an end, sometime. Even the darkest night ends and sun rises.