Celebration of 15th August

Dancing on Patriotic Song

Dancing on Patriotic Song

Chaitanya Charitable Trust organized cultural program on Independent Day on 15th August, 2013. Porechabhai : Jionts Club Jamnagar, Atul Mehta : Journalist of Lokwat Newspaper, Peter Schnitzler (IBM), Keith MacKenzie (IBM) and Emily Goldstein (IBM) came as a Guest of Honor.

Children participated different types of patriotic song with zeal and vigor. There was eight team organized and 56 children participated patriotic song with unique dance style which remember us the value and sacrifice for our independent. Alex Sir give his honorary service as a choreographer. Chaitanya Trust appraised to Alex Sir (Dance Master) with Memento by Keith MacKenzie.

We provide prizes for all children like Compass, Biscuits, chocolate etc. by the hands of guest. All Children felt very enjoy by participating such a program which inculcates patriotism from the childhood.

Welcome to Chaitanya Charitable Trust

Education is my right.

Education is my right.

Chaitanya Charitable Trust is a non-profit, non-government voluntary organization (NGO) that works primarily with the slum population in Jamnagar, Gujarat to improve children’s education. More…

Chaitanya also works in health and human services, education, women’s empowerment, and humanitarian relief.

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“Chaitanya Charitable Trust seeks to advance the lives of the poor and disadvantaged with programs that promote health and human services, education, slum development, and women’s empowerment to empower individuals to rise above their current situation.”

“To empower and lift up the lives of the poor and disadvantaged living in difficult circumstances, while emphasizes the dignity of each person and the right to equal opportunity through self-development.”