About us

cct logoChaitanya Charitable Trust is a non-profit, non-government organization (NGO) that works primarily with the slum population in Jamnagar, Gujarat to improve children’s education.  Chaitanya also works in health and human services, education, women’s empowerment, environment and humanitarian relief.  Founded in 1996, all trustee are engaged in different business and profession and devote their time for the different activities in slum area. Chaitanya Charitable Trust is approved organisation under 12A, 80 G and FCRA from Home Ministry Government of India. which allows it to receive foreign currency donations.


“Chaitanya Charitable Trust seeks to advance the lives of the poor and disadvantaged with programs that promote health and human services, education, slum development, and women’s empowerment to empower individuals to rise above their current situation.”

“To empower and lift up the lives of the poor and disadvantaged living in difficult circumstances, while emphasizes the dignity of each person and the right to equal opportunity through self-development.”

About the team of Chaitanya Trust :

Kajal Pandya ( Advocate)  (B.Com.,L.L.B.,D.T.L.P.,DCS.,M.S.W.)  is Managning Trustee of Chaitnaya Charitable Trust. Jamnagar. She has expertise in the field of women empowerment, Child development, Food & Nutrition, Employment, Education, Health & Environment etc. Kajal Pandya is a Advisory Member of District Advisory Committee of renewable energy. Energy Department. Central Government of India. She is actively giving their full time for the slum area of Jamnagar Happy Children Center in six slum area in Jamnagar. India. and serving to slum people of Jamnagar since last 20 year. She participated U.K.(2006) and Africa (2007, 2015) for International workshop and get wide experience. Contact her @ info@chaitanyatrust.org or +91 (0)98244 08444, +91 (0)9408026042

Nilesh Toliya : One of the leading builder and visionary and President of Chaitanya Charitable Trust. He is president of Jamnagar Samsta Jain Samaj and engaged with many other organisation.

Vimal Aghera : He is one of the entrepreneur  and serving various function at Chaitnaya Trust.

Detail of updated new management : (1-1-2017)

Kajal Pandya (Managing Trustee)

Nilesh Toliya (President)

Vimal Aghera (Trustee)

Core Group :

1: Dr.Pranav Vaidh  (Medical Officer : Jamnagar Municipal Corporation)

2: Bhupendra P Parmar (Police Sub Inspector)

3: Prashant Seth (Architector)

4: Atul Shukla (Advocate)

5: Vrajlata Vyas (leading social worker)

6: Ajay Mishra (B.E.)

7: Chintan Kavar (Engineer : Essar Industries)

Think Tank :

1: Devanshu Dave (Collector Office)

2: Hitesh Pandya (Advocate and National Trainer)

3: Nikhil Shukla (Teacher : International School)

Additional stack-holders, supporters and staff

  • Teacher
    • Pooja Ajmeria : Coordinator
    • Durga Mulani
    • Premila Prajapali
    • Merunben Malek
    • Manjula Bharadia
    • Ratan Bharadia
    • Rehanaben
    • Zebunben Malek
    • Vahidaben Aamdani
    • Hetal Joshi
    • Mansi Joshi
    • Nathiben Thakar
    • Dr.Patliya
    • Ritaben Daridhariya
    • Pooja Bandhiya
    • Sanjay Makwana
    • Mumtajben Malek


  • 450 children adopted in 9 slum area and having 10 Happy Children Center (including 100 hiv/aids children)
  • 1000 out of school children have enrolled in school till date.
  • 3000 women has completed Yoga Training.
  • 5000 women can able to read and write.
  • 300 women get benefits every year from Vocational Training Center.
  • 10 Jan Seva Kendra organise by CCT.
  • 60 children in Shree Maniben M P Shah Balsanskar Kendra (Day Care Center)
  • 7000 women being trained under capacity building programme till today.
  • 2000 children and women get help in the Health Care Center each year
  • 12850 women learn sewing & embroidery certificate course from Chaitanya Tailoring College organise by CCT.
  • 9000 form have filled up for benefits of various government scheme.


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